Monday, 13 June 2011

Samba Batucuda

Within our class we performed our own Samba Batucada at Musicale. We based our performance on the score below:

The instruments that we used within this piece are similar to the orignial score although more westernised.
These instruments include:
- Timpani
- Snare drum
- Cow bell
- guiros
- Shakers
- Marraccas
- Congos
- Ago-go bell
- Piccallo snare drum
- Bongos
- cajon (box)

The structure included:
- a call and response introduction
- samba (all in)
- Pause
- call ad response section
- samba (all in)
- crescendo and accelerando to finish

To create interest we also:
- had variations in rythmic patterns
- had a variation of tone colours
- change in tempo
- change in dynamics during middle call nd respone section

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