Monday, 22 August 2011

The commitments- Hard to Handle

Musical Analysis
Hard to handle- The commitments soundtrack (film)

-          The tempo is moderately fast
-          The time signature is 4/4
-          The different rhythmic layers include the piano, trumpet, saxophones, congas, vocals, tambourine, electric guitar, bass, drums
-          There are many accompanying rhythmic layers where repetition is a feature for example the bass line has a repeated rhythmic figure, other instruments which have a repeated sequence include the electric guitar, bass, drums.
-          The introduction is repeated twice
-          The pulse is rhythmically driven
-          Majority of short rhythmic values
-          Syncopation in the bass and melody parts. The congas use strong syncopation.
-          The texture is homophonic
-          The main melodic role is the male vocals and the other instruments are accompanying.
-          The texture is constantly changing with the addition and subtraction of the instruments.
-          The texture builds, although it is always homophonic.
-          The texture becomes less when the verse begins sue to the brass and woodwind instruments being subtracted. Then the texture then increases when the backing vocals come in.
-          When the lyrics say “ pretty little thing, let me light your candle” is when the texture becomes monophonic because only the vocals are heard.
-          The instruments are playing strong, full, accented sounds which add to the overall texture of the song.

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